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Soap and Glory Wine Not

Soap and Glory have always punched above their pricing weight when it comes to things like their brilliant hand cream and make up. I’ve used a few of their make up products but the lipsticks are the ones for me. Nicely weighty, good formulas and interesting colours. My favourite has always been Perfect Day, which I think of as a dupe for Bobbi Brown’s Nude, which is brilliant as it looks nicer on me than Nude does.

The thing is, their range is small and it hasn’t changed for ages. So I pretty much stopped looking on their little stands in Boots. At least until this week, when The Pool alerted me to a big launch of new Mother Pucker lipsticks. And so I made a little lunchtime trip to the big Liverpool Boots, a Mecca for beauty these days.

What I was looking for was my usual – dark red. I’m like a magpie for the dark reds. And found it, Wine Not, one of the satin textured lippies. The range comes in matte, satin and glossy, and while my favourite is always matte, it makes a change to have something slightly shinier. I have to smudge it a bit with my finger though, I can’t stand properly shiny red lipstick.

So – Wine Not. It’s a bright dark red, which is an interesting combination. It’s got the slightest hint of pink in the mix but not as much as would usually be expected from something described as “wine”. It’s bright but in a comfortable way, and it has a slight staining effect meaning it wears down slowly and nicely over the course of a few hours. My new happy red.

Soap and Glory Wine Not satin lipstick

Soap and Glory Wine Not satin lipstick

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