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Maybelline Naked Brown Lipstick

I have to say, I didn’t think that a lipstick called Naked Brown would be the dark reddish brown colour I have been looking for – the colour I’m always looking for.

Naked Brown sounds like it should be that beigey-nude shade that’s always far too pale for me, which I never quite understand because I have very pale skin anyway. The kind of colour that makes it hard to tell where your skin ends and your lips begin.

But Naked Brown must be designed as a nude for those with darker skins (about time really) and it would work beautifully on them too, I think. On me, it’s my absolute ideal red-brown. It’s funny as brown-toned lipstick is best suited to the warmer complexions, especially on “Autumn” toned people, and yet browned lipsticks are very often quite cool in tone which can end up looking a bit too corpse-y.

Now I have two lipsticks I can put in my bag and know they will go with everything I might happen to be wearing – Clinique’s Richer Raisin for a subtle nude effect and Naked Brown for a more striking, night-time kind of look (although I happily wear it all day long too).

Maybelline Naked Brown Lipstick

Maybelline Naked Brown Lipstick

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