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Maybelline Divine Wine Matte Lipstick

I’ve never been much interested in Maybelline’s lipstick line. I hadn’t ever bought a lipstick from there at all until recently, apart from Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour lipstick in Always Plum, after seeing Lisa Eldridge big up shades from that line. Whenever I looked, it seemed to be all “high-shine” glosses and glittery lipsticks, more suited to a teenager or Paris Hilton in 2005.

However, Maybelline is now responsible for my two new favourite lippies, the dark reddish chocolate of Naked Brown and the matte shade Divine Wine. I am suddenly a big fan.

I’m always a bit suspicious of shades described as some kind of “wine”. I have an old No.7 lipstick called Wine that I’m not sure they even make anymore. It’s a lovely kind of golden brown nude shade on me, but “wine” is a distinctly odd name for it. Usually wine is more interchangeable with “berry” as a descriptor, and coming out a definite dark pink on me, which isn’t what I generally want.

In finding out what your “colour” or “season” is, it can be a fine line between deciding if you’re a dark autumn or a dark winter, but I think that the clincher is whether bold pink lipstick looks great on you, or just clashes strangely. With my dark hair, it took me a long time to realise this, looking at how great bright pink lippie looked on other dark-haired women. It’s also why, despite having very dark brown hair, if I dyed my hair a cooler black (as I have tried a few times) I look shockingly awful. And why I like very dark lipsticks as long as there’s some warmer tone in there, like the blackened aubergine of Topshop’s More Than a Woman , but Nars Train Bleu, which is a cool-toned dark shade, makes me look more like a haggard witch. I like a goth look (well, obv, look at the More Than a Woman link), but I don’t want to look genuinely terrifying.

Divine Wine, I think, crosses the barrier of cool and warm, and I think is one of those shades that would look brilliant on both autumns and winters. I can’t quite decide if it is a pink or a red, it’s got both in there along with an earthy kind of tint, and would probably look slightly different on varying skin tones. The matte formula is great, not drying on me at all, easy and smooth to apply, and long lasting. What I love about matte lipsticks is that it makes them pretty user friendly for day or for night, and this is such a beautifully striking shade I could wear this all the time.

Maybelline Divine Wine Matte Lipstick

Maybelline Divine Wine Matte Lipstick

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