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Clinique Matte Magenta Lipstick

I never expected to love Matte Magenta. But I do, although I don’t think it really suits me.

It’s a shade of lipstick that I would never, ever buy. With very rare exceptions, any pink lipstick just looks jarring on me. It’s too cool a shade for my yellowish complexion. And my blueish lips make a whole range of colours look pink on me even if they’re not very pink at all to look at. So I steer well clear of pinks. Apart from blusher, which looks fine for some reason.

And this is the pinkest of every pink lipstick I’ve ever seen. It glows pink. I got it from a Clinique offer – the kind that Clinique are really good at. A whole bag of goodies if you buy two items, and generous sizes of everything too. This one had a beautiful pink and brown eyeshadow set called Strawberry Fudge in it, amongst other things, and this, a lipstick called Matte Magenta.

Not being a completely full size tube (although it doesn’t look far off), it’s in a green case the colour of the Clinique brand. A retro eau-de-nil, like a lipstick prescribed on the NHS in the 1960s, and certainly psychedelic enough to fit that era.

I was pretty excited to try this, because, as I say, I would never actually buy this colour. And a swatch on the hand is all very well, but it tells you nothing about how it really looks on your face. I was startled by the brightness of the pinkness. I fully expected to loathe it, but I surprised myself by liking it more and more, and realising I kept looking at it in the mirror over and over.

Then I wiped it off and put a red on because I really don’t think I can carry this off in the outside world. It’s a colour to keep in reserve until I’m white-haired because I love bright shades like this on women with that look. But right now it washes me out and makes me look tireder than I already am.

It’s from the “lasting lipstick” collection and it’s staying power really is something. Despite wiping it off, and replacing it with a non-pink lipstick which I reapplied a number of times, at the end of the day, there was nothing left of the red, but the bright pink ghost remained on my lips a whole 12 hours later.

Clinique Matte Magenta Lipstick

Clinique Matte Magenta Lipstick

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