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Clinique High Impact Cider Berry Lipstick

I end up buying the same kind of shades of lipstick all the time. In fact, to a lesser-interested eye, about half my lipsticks would look more-or-less indistinguishable, a parade of dark reds. To me, the are of infinite variety – the shades veering cool or warm, pinkish, orangey, brown, matte, clear, those that are long-lasting and stay where they’re put, those that need a bit more care, ones which work in the daytime and those which are a bit more dramatic and best at night.

But I don’t have anything else that’s like Clinique’s Cider Berry. I bought it because it was on the warm-toned spectrum of red and looked like a good daytime colour, but when I tried it on my lips it wasn’t exactly how I thought it would be from testing it on my hand. It became a lot softer in tone, an almost-red that I think would probably look quite different on different complexions, and probably suit nearly all of them too.

For autumn-shade people, this is a winner, I think. Just the name “Cider Berry” invokes autumn itself. I am slightly obsessed with the names of colours, and get annoyed if I think the name is inaccurate or lazy. “Cider Berry” makes me happy because I think it’s a perfect description of a semi-opaque peachy soft red that is part cider-y golden auburn, and part cooler redcurrant. I’ve been trying to come up with the exact colour that this is and I think “carnelian” is the closest – it makes me think of a Sea Breeze cocktail, a glass of Sangria, or nectarine and cranberry jam.

It changes quite a bit according to the light – sometimes I think it’s actually red, but on other occasions, like when I took the picture below, it looks like a bright nude kind of shade.

Clinique High Impact Cider Berry Lipstick

Clinique High Impact Cider Berry Lipstick

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