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Charlotte Tilbury Birkin Brown Lipstick

Birkin Brown is one of Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipsticks – having read a lot about them, these were lipsticks I needed to try, although they’re higher end than my usual fare.

But matte lipsticks are my true beauty love, and I’m always looking out for brown-based shades, which aren’t as common as I would like. There were so many things I loved about the 90s, and lipstick with endless brown tints was just one of them. In fact, I think I spent at least a year wearing a Miss Selfridge coppery eyeliner as both an eyeliner and a lipstick. There are loads of multi-purpose products around these days, but they’re usually cheek and lip colours combined. I don’t think anyone has yet invented the dual-purpose eye-and-lip-liner.

Brown is a tricky one though, it can drift into coolness that gives me a corpsey pallor (this was not an issue for me in the 90s, in fact, I was happy with this kind of look – which is why another of my favourites was Miss Selfridge Cyber lipstick, a kind of dark steely grey).

Birkin Brown not only has one of the coolest names for a lipstick ever, it gets brown perfectly right. It looks beautiful on its own, but I also like a sheer layer of it over my lips to correct the blue undertones I have, before putting another shade on top. This adds a warmness to any shade with pinkish tones in it.

The formula is smooth and although it still feels a bit dry on my lips, it’s in a different class to other matte lipsticks I have tried. The only downside was that when I opened it, the entire lipstick fell out of the tube, which is why it looks slightly scuffed on the picture. I considered sending it back, but gave it a try first, and then decided I didn’t want to be parted from it. It went back in the tube OK anyway, although I do have to be a little careful about winding it up and down now.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Birkin Brown

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Birkin Brown

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