Dark Autumn

Autumn Inspiration

It’s still Autumn! And so I am still in time to post what my Autumn inspiration looks were this year.

(An aside – it’s ridiculous that it’s still technically Autumn until December 22nd. And equally silly that it’s Winter in March, Spring in June and Summer in September. When I’m in charge the seasons will start sensibly on 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December.)

Anyway, my Autumn boils down to these two pictures. Tom Baker-era Doctor Who and Sarah-Jane Smith, looking all warm, patterned and 1970s, and pretty much what Zara’s shop floor looked like this season. 1970s colour schemes are great for Autumn, what with all the orange and brown. I quite like the handmade vibe on Sarah-Jane’s dress. It’s the kind of thing that someone was always wearing in old family photos of the era. Tom Baker’s scarf remains The Best Scarf Ever.

Then there’s this. John Cooper Clarke in the Metro, rocking some absolutely beautiful violet ankle boots.

Where are they from?? I need them!

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